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Position: IELTS Online Program Developer_Full-time

The IELTS Online Program Developer and Instructor will play a critical role in the development and execution of our company’s online IELTS teaching programs. Utilizing innovative teaching methods aligned with our company’s vision, the role is pivotal in enhancing English language proficiency among learners preparing for the IELTS exam. 

1. Job Description 

Your mission is to maximize the educational value for learners and contribute significantly to their success in the IELTS examination.

To achieve this, you will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Design and develop the curriculum for the IELTS online program based on the company’s orientation and methodologies.
  • Participate in teaching online IELTS classes to test and refine the developed curriculum, ensuring high-quality learning outcomes. 
  • Create entrance and exit tests, as well as ongoing assessments to monitor and evaluate students’ progress.
  • Track student progress and adjust teaching methods and content based on their advancement.
  • Gather, analyze, and synthesize student feedback to further develop and refine the program.
  • Participate in teacher training sessions to enhance the overall teaching quality within the program.


Examples of the problems you will solve:

  • How to tailor the online IELTS program to meet the diverse needs of learners with different proficiency levels?
  • What materials and teaching activities should be implemented to achieve optimal results?
  • How to engage and motivate students throughout the learning journey?

Working hours:

8:30 AM – 6:00 PM, Monday to Friday weekly.


2. Requirements

Must have:

  • Proficiency in English: Confident communication and comprehension skills (equivalent to IELTS 8.0 or higher).
  • A minimum of 2 years of experience in online education, preferably teaching IELTS or similar English language proficiency tests.
  • Innovative Teaching Skills: The ability to design and implement effective online learning experiences.
  • Instructional Design Skills: The capacity to develop a comprehensive curriculum that addresses learners’ needs.
  • Adaptability: The ability to adapt teaching methods and content based on student feedback and progress.


Nice to have:

  • Strong technological orientation with a desire and ability to digitalise teaching programs
  • Problem Solving Skills: A knack for identifying challenges and devising practical solutions.
  • Communication Skills: Excellent communication abilities for interacting with students and team members.


Additionally, we are particularly interested if you:

  • Can demonstrate your teaching effectiveness and curriculum development skills through case studies or a portfolio.
  • Have a strong background in educational technology, curriculum design, or learner assessment.
  • Are passionate about language teaching, with a keen interest in making a tangible impact on learners’ IELTS preparation and success.


3. Benefits

Compensation and Incentive Structure:


  • Base Salary: A competitive monthly salary ranging from 20M to 25M, commensurate with experience and qualifications.
  • Performance Bonuses: Rewarding contributions through OKR achievements, innovation, and enhancements in operational processes.
  • Special Bonuses: Celebratory bonuses for holidays, Tet, and birthdays.


Professional Development and Growth:

  • Tailored Training Programs: Access to advanced training initiatives aimed at broadening job-specific skills and knowledge.
  • Expert Networking: Opportunities for engagement and learning from leading professionals within the industry.
  • Career Advancement: Fast-track career progression opportunities into specialized management or project management roles.


Additional Benefits:

  • Catered Meals: Complimentary lunch is provided daily at the office.
  • Comprehensive Insurance Package: Full insurance coverage by national regulations following the probationary period, inclusive of a 13th-month salary bonus.

4. Application Process:

To apply, please forward your application materials to: recruitment@stepup.edu.vn
Subject Line: IELTS Online Program Developer_Your Full Name

Your Application Should Include:

  • A current resume/CV
  • A personal introduction video in English, detailing your interest in the Step Up position (1-3 minutes in length)

For Assistance, Please Contact: Ms. Mơ
Hotline: 0931.323.822
Zalo: 0397694640

Step Up’s Recruitment Stages:

  • Stage 1: Initial review of your CV and English introduction video (within 1-3 business days)
  • Stage 2: A brief HR phone interview lasting 10-15 minutes to discuss job basics, assess fit, and arrange interview appointments
  • Stage 3: In-person interview with the hiring manager and the Board of Directors